Which Web Hosting package is best for you?

Are you relocating? What is the first pre-requisite you must fulfill?

It is, without a question, the accommodation; and the type of accommodation you select is determined by your preferences, such as affordability, the requirement for space, and the level of seclusion desired, among other factors.

When you decide to “go” online and get a website, you must also determine where your website and its data will “remain.”

A web hosting service can help you with this by providing you with a location to store your website’s data.

Different kinds of web hosting

The type of web hosting you require is determined by your needs. Web hosting can be divided into three categories:

Web hosting on a shared server
Virtual Private Server (VPS) (Virtual Private Servers)
Servers that are exclusively yours
Using the above-mentioned accomodation analogy, we’ll learn about each sort of web hosting and its benefits and drawbacks.

Hosting that is shared

Sharing a room is the same as staying in a hostel or a dorm.

Space– Just like in a hostel, residents must share space; several users are given a large amount of online space to share and must keep their data to a minimum in order not to surpass it.

Scalability – Can you really hold a surprise party in your dorm room? Because the space is restricted, your housemates will be disturbed.

Similarly, websites hosted on shared hosting cannot withstand a sudden surge in traffic since it may interfere with the proper operation of other websites.

Shared hosting comes with the resources that your hosting provider chooses to provide you with, and you do not have the flexibility to get your “favorite” cable provider or any other extra amenities you might want to add to make your stay better, just like a hostel stay does not grant permission to choose the best A.C., a cable provider of your choice, or a hot plate.

Security- While your stay in a hostel is secure inside the hostel’s boundaries, the security of your personal things within the room cannot be guaranteed because you are sharing a room with your roommates.

Similarly, any virus or phishing activity on one website might affect the performance of other websites on the same server.

Cost-Shared hosting, like hostel lodging, is the most affordable option of Webhosting.

When is it a good time to invest in shared hosting?

Modest businesses, such as small static websites and blogs, find shared hosting to be an ideal manner of web hosting.

The amount of information to be shared isn’t huge.
Data does not necessitate the use of security layers.
The amount of data that is accessed is small.
The scalability of server and storage important statistics does not require any changes.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Getting a virtual private server (VPS) is similar to moving into an apartment or a flat. A large dedicated server is divided into multiple VPSs in the same way that a large building is divided into several apartments. The partition provides significantly greater space, privacy, security, and choice.

In comparison to shared hosting, a VPS provides significantly more webspace.

Scalability — A VPS allows you to scale your web space, bandwidth, and other resources according to your needs. You can count on your VPS to manage heavy load gracefully. Furthermore, if your neighboring VPS experiences a sudden spike in traffic, your website/performance application’s will be unaffected.

Staying in an apartment gives you more freedom than staying in a hostel in terms of utilising extra amenities like electrical appliances, a cable provider of your choosing, a UPS for power backup, and so on. Having a VPS is similar in that you can install custom apps, software, and other tools (backup and security) as needed and desired.

When should you purchase a virtual private server (VPS)?

Small to medium-sized enterprises, particularly eCommerce websites, benefit from VPS hosting.

For certain periods of time, there is a rapid increase in website traffic.
The security layer is required for data storage.
To some extent, the amount of data to be kept grows.
Changes to the scalability of server and storage vital statistics are required.

Servers that are exclusively yours

Staying in an apartment has its advantages, but it also has its drawbacks. At the end of the day, you’re sharing resources with others, such as water.

Imagine your neighbor draining the water tank in the middle of the night, wouldn’t you be stuck getting ready in the morning? You can connect the dots if you replace water with bandwidth.

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