Top 10 free website performance assessment tools

Regular website speed testing and analysis should be included in your SEO to-do list. This is why,

Google introduced page velocity as a ranking factor in 2018’s “speed update.”
Page speed affects the user experience significantly.
Delay in performance for 1-second page decreases 7%.

Unless you have lived under the rocks in the last year, you will have no new facts and statistics.

In the end, you must be careful to optimize the website speed, which begins with a speed test.

Bonus tip – A secured website can help increase the ranking of your keywords on Google other than speed.

You can encrypt and enhance organic traffic by installing an SSL certificate.

Testing tools for free web site

I share the best free website speed testing tools. You can also find out our coverage in detail to see why your site is slowly loaded.

1. Dareboost

DareBoost offers unique clarifications. You need a free account to start using the tool.

It allows you to check 5 free websites and you need to purchase them to continue using them.

Just place your website link and select your preferred test locations and start the load test on your website.

2. Doctors and Doctors tools

Dotcom-tools is an extremely sturdy page speed test tool, which enables the same testing from 24 places.

A user can conduct a test at a time from over one location. It also allows you to run a test of seven browsers.

Their speed test report is divided into five different sections: detailed overview, performance, host, errors, fast and slow elements, waterfall diagram.

3. DevTools Google Chrome

You can access Google Chrome Developer tools by clicking the ‘More Tools’ option from the right-hand side of the Chrome browser menu.

It can be used to evaluate how well your web page works, to check and control problems with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and so on on and to see the responsiveness of the page in mobile devices.

4. Google insights on page speed

Google PageSpeed Insights uses various parameters to perform a website speed optimization test. A scale of 1 to 100 is displayed in the tool.

The above 90 score shows you have thoroughly optimized your website. For mobile and desktop users, separate test results will be shown.

Websites loading on mobile devices will gain higher ratings because the “speed update” of Google 2018 focuses on how soon a site loads on mobile devices.

This one holds a special place of all tools available for running a website speed test as developed by Google itself.

5. TM 5.

GTmetrix is the preferred website testing tool for free testing and downloading your report.

Two main sections of the report, Performance Score and Page Details.

The performance score comprises mainly:

PageSpeed Score: The total page speed in grades will be displayed. More details for page speed, such as priority level, type, and recommendation, are also shown in the report.
YSlow Score: The site structures, loading time, page size and the request numbers are mainly addressed at the front end.

Page Details comprise an overview of the time your web page loads with an option for expanding the data in detail for analysis.

6. Tools for Pingdom

Pingdom is the most popular and is very easy to use with clean navigation. The results will be divided into four parts:

Degree of performance
Size of the page
Load Website Time Applications
The tool shows a performance level of 100 on your website. It compares the performance of your website to the websites that have been checked.

‘Page size’ and ‘requests’ results are divided by the type of domain and content.

It also offers proposals to improve the performance of the web pages that provide insights into issues quickly.

7. Load Time Tester for Sucuri

Sucuri is a famous WordPress security plugin. It provides valuable insights into the loading time and performance data on the website based on location and other metrics.

The Load Times Tester by Sucuri shows you grades based on different locations from more than 15 sites.

8. UpTranking

UpTrends provides comprehensive information about your website’s speed, like Pingdom.

You can select a browser, type of moving device, location, the size of a browser window, and so on for a user to customize the data.

9. Test WebPage

WebPageTest is one of the website performance tracking tools that is most trusted and trusted to check your website speed. The tool gives you accurate results to consider specific points of action.

Each time a site speed test is carried out, this tool gives the users custom configurations.

You can choose from real browser options (Firefox, Chrome, IE 11).
You can choose the location from different locations (North/South America, Asia, Europe).

Select mobile devices to show you the performance of your website on various mobile platforms.
In addition, the ad-blocking function controls the site’s efficiency by blocking ads against ads.

YSlow 10. YSlow

YSlow, which was developed by Yahoo, used to be the leading tools in website performance testing.

Before running the test, it must install its browser extension.

There are 23 factors to use for performance testing on the website.

It also provides, like other websites, suggestions and the report to help you resolve your weaknesses.

The waterfall diagram is not available, but it provides a detailed overview of the content and components of your website.

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