For your WordPress site or blog, here are 5 advantages of WordPress hosting over shared hosting.

WordPress hosts over 74 million websites and blogs, according to WordPress statistics. However, many users are perplexed by the various hosting alternatives accessible for their WordPress website or blog.

I’m not sure whether I should go with shared hosting or WordPress hosting.

This question frequently perplexes newcomers. As someone who works in the hosting industry, I would advise you to choose WordPress hosting if you want to build a WordPress website because it is specifically suited for the WordPress environment.

It offers powerful hosting with features like as speed and reduced loading times. Auto backups, security, and regular updates are some of the other advantages of WordPress hosting, which we’ll go over in more detail later in this essay.

You may get a first-hand experience by trying it out for free, as several decent WordPress hosting companies do, such as ZNetLive, which offers a 30-day free trial of its WordPress hosting.

Here are the top five advantages of WordPress hosting versus shared hosting.

#1 A website that loads faster

The success of your website or blog is entirely dependent on its loading speed. Obviously, if your website takes a lengthy time to load on the user’s system, he will go immediately, and if this happens frequently enough, your site traffic will suffer significantly.

Because there is no provision for faster loading of WP sites on shared hosting, your website may take as long as other sites to load, but WordPress hosting powered by SSD makes your website load rapidly on viewers’ systems.

Your website’s rating in Google search results will improve as a result of the faster loading time. As a result, WordPress hosting aids in the growth of your website’s traffic.

#2 Improved site safety

Every website owner has to deal with the issue of security. You only have as much protection as the least secure site on the shared server when you use shared web hosting.

However, with WordPress hosting, your sites/blogs are scanned on a regular basis, and suitable safeguards are taken to block dangerous files. Furthermore, the majority of reputable WordPress hosting services implement sufficient server-level security methods to ensure that your WordPress website’s security is not compromised.

DDoS protection and an SSL certificate are included with your WordPress hosting at ZNetLive.

#3 Automatic backups

Having a backup of your site on a regular basis will assist you in dealing with any form of disaster.

If you use WordPress as your website’s hosting platform, your website will be automatically backed up every day, which may not be available with all shared hosting options.

#4 Updates to the most recent version are performed on a regular basis.

Outdated plugins and core files are the most common causes of WordPress site compromise. However, with specialist WordPress hosting, you won’t have to worry about keeping up with the latest WordPress versions. When a new version is released, we at ZNetLive update it automatically.

#5 Outstanding client service

Customer service is well-known as the lifeblood of every hosting company. WordPress hosting from a reputable WordPress hosting provider includes help from a team of WordPress professionals who can quickly resolve any WordPress-related issues you may have.

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